Mean And Green: Natural Products That Aren’t As Useful As Advertised

Natural is better for you. It sounds really catchy, doesn’t it? We’d like to think that a product that centers on natural ingredients will provide all sorts of benefits that can cure what ails us. While this notion isn’t harmful in itself, it is important to remember that while natural products can provide benefits, they are rarely magical cure-alls.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of brands out there that are pushing natural products as being able to do things for you even though they can’t, or wording things in a way that makes it seem like what they do is more significant or unusual that what it actually means. This is the point where we draw the line as we feel overselling can hurt natural products when those promises aren’t fulfilled. Here are some to watch out for:

The Implant-O-Rama

Pushed by actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s “health and luxury” brand, Goop, the Implant-O-Rama is a product that supposedly “supercharges your detox” through, believe it or not, a coffee enema. Keep in mind that while a coffee based colonic cleanse is not a new idea, it IS an idea that science has proven has no evidence to support its claims to aiding in detoxification of the body.

It’s products like these where you have to be very careful, as they will try to mislead you by presenting claims by “experts in the field”. More often than not, these so called experts are not scientists and don’t use proper scientific methods to reach their conclusions. Instead, they’re closer to snake oil salesmen, using pseudoscience and circumstantial evidence to support their claims.

Slimming Teas

Tea is an amazing thing. Coming in a wide variety of flavors, tea has been proven to help relax, energize, or detox you, depending on the tea that you take. With most commercial teas being made up of leaves or fruit, it’s hard to imagine that this product can be harmful to somebody, much less potentially deadly. Unfortunately, there are teas out there that can be dangerous.

Often advertised as slimming teas to help lose weight, these teas don’t help you lose weight through detoxification or natural means. More often than not, these teas have purgatives as well as illegal substances in trace amounts that cause the body to purge hard, as well as burn through calories faster. While it may indeed help you lose weight, it can also be potentially dangerous, especially over prolonged usage.

Anything That Is Marketed As “A Cure Doctors Don’t Want You To Discover”

The Internet is a wonderful place. It provides us with a treasure trove of information, helps us stay connected with our loved ones, and brings our businesses to a digital realm of experience. Unfortunately, one of the costs of this virtual playground is the army of advertisements. One ad that I’m sure you’ve seen is the “natural cures doctors don’t want you to know about”.

Always keep in mind that if it’s something your doctor didn’t tell you about as a cure to what ails you, chances are it either won’t heal you, or it is potentially harmful to you. The natural cures being talked about in those ads most definitely fall into either of those two categories. With this in mind, trust your doctors recommendations and ask for any natural alternatives they can recommend instead of trusting a random ad on the internet.