The Green Mile: Natural Products You Can Use To Keep Your Car Clean

With the state of pollution the way it is now, people are trying to find ways to be more and more environmentally friendly through the use of natural products and other green alternatives. Unfortunately, we can’t do it with every aspect of our lives. There are simple things made of plastic and steel that we use daily like our phones and gadgets, and more complicated things like the vehicles we use to get to and from work each day.

While there are some options for environmentally friendly vehicles, not all of them are affordable. Given that not all of us can afford a Tesla Car, there are other things we can do to help the world through the use of natural products to take care of the cars we do have. While there are certain things we can’t change, like the oil and fuel, there are some other things we can use instead of chemical based goods:

Lemon Juice


A natural anti-bacterial that also smells great, lemon juice can be used to disinfect and shine up solid surfaces of your vehicle, like the dashboard and steering wheel. One of the best things about natural lemon products is that they’re all essentially the same. If you don’t have lemon juice fresh lemons on hand, for example, lemon oil can also be used to fill the same purpose.

You may want to steer clear of artificial lemon juice or lemon juice mix, though. Given that those types of lemon juice have sugar mixed in, they’ll end up messing up your car and attracting pests like ants. While ants may be “all natural”, you definitely don’t want them moving into your car at all, right! Especially if you go for something extravagant, like hire a supercar in Dubai! There are some natural things that don’t belong in your car at all!

Castile Soap


A vegetable based soap that’s practically vegan (that’s right, no animal components in this soap!), it’s also a highly versatile soap that it can be used to wash virtually anything from you to your car to your hair and body. There are quite a few brands out there as the market is slowly growing. Don’t worry about application as well as it does come primarily in liquid form.

What’s important to note here is that as a wholly natural product, unlike other soaps that have heavy chemical components, the runoff from castile soap does not have the same potentially damaging effects on the environment that regular soaps will have. Not only are you keeping your car clean, but you’re also keeping the environment clean as well. Two for one!

Your Self


We’re not saying you should render yourself down into soap to clean your car, or to use yourself like a giant sponge to wipe your car clean, so don’t worry! What we’re referring to here is the human element of washing your car: the more work you put into the washing, the better it is for the environment. This means ditching the fancy hose attachments, the pressure washer, and the other gadgets.

When it boils down to statistics, hoses, especially high-pressure ones end up wasting far more water than is necessary to wash your car. Instead of worrying about that, you could also simply enjoy a limo ride in Dubai in an awesome luxury car. While you may want to consider still using the really high pressure pumps to only clean out the finer areas that really need the high pressure to get the built-up dirt out, but in the long run, a bit of elbow grease and dedication are the best way to clean your car while helping the environment.