About Us

leaves-tea-potHi there and welcome to our page! You may be curious as to who we are and why we’re advocating the responsible use of natural products. Before we go further, we would like to clarify what we mean by natural products, as arguably, most products are already “natural” so the term “natural products” can seem redundant to many people.

A natural product is a product that is almost exclusively made from compounds or substances produced by a living organism with little to no artificial chemicals, coloring, or additives. This is an important distinction to make when people do argue that certain products are “natural” just because they have one or two natural ingredients.

Now that you know the “what”, let’s talk about the “why” aspect. Why would a team of people dedicate a webpage to the discussion of the relevance, significance, and importance of natural products? Why would people put this much effort towards discussing products that already have all sorts of endorsements from celebrities and influencers? Here’s why:


We believe that while natural products can do a lot to benefit people not only on a personal level, but also up to a community level as well. Unfortunately, there are people who will use the “natural product” label to market their products whether those products actually have positive benefits or not. We believe that people should be responsible in their use of the term in their marketing.


We believe that natural products are the key to a sustainable, environmentally friendly future. We believe that natural products are holistically better for people, and without all the hype and trend jumping, can actually be very affordable for almost anyone. It is because of our belief that we do what we do on this website.

If you’d like to know more, please visit our “Contact Us” page to find out how to get in touch with us!